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    Massive Transformative Purpose

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    As Charles Darwin said: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change”. And this applies to people as well, in the personal development and success in their lives, and of course to organizations, in their processes of corporative transformation.
    In this post I’m presenting my new book, “Massive Transformative Purpose” and how this concept can help in both organizations and people to adapt to change.

    It’s usually said that happiness comes with “health, love and money”. However, this is not entirely true. If we stop to think, we realize that we don't spend our whole day enjoying our health (although it's obviously important to make the most of it), or spending or investing our money (although it is fundamental to have minimal resources), or being with our loved ones (although, of course, we should love everyone).

    During the day we do many different tasks, mostly related to our job or other types of obligations. However, if we invest the majority of our time in activities that don’t make us feel fulfill, it’s possible that we will end up depressed, or a sensation of vital emptiness that we won't know how to fill. And, of course, health, money and love won't be enough to do this.

    The answer to the previous issue was resolved by Abraham Maslow and the famous Maslow Pyramid, where there's a basic hierarchy of human needs in a series of five layers. The three first ones are related to health, love and money. But there are two extra layers fundamental for happiness and personal development: esteem and self-fulfillment.

    And it’s precisely the vital purpose the one that motivates each of us in this world, and makes us feel fulfilled and gives us a sense of direction to the rest of the aspects of your life. We all are here to create something that didn't exist when we came to this world. Discovering our purpose can give us meaning and a level of motivation that will make everything come to life.

    When people know their purpose, they have a clear direction in their life and know the decisions to make in the different paths they are in. For example, on an economic level, choosing a job, activity or developing a project that are most aligned with their purpose. Also, when someone knows their purpose and dedicates themselves to it, they will automatically lose notion of time and space; when someone is focused on their purpose they stop working, they simply “do purpose” and are able to develop a motivation so big and a set of skills, that eventually will become virtuous in this area, finding new opportunities and projects related to the purpose.

    People with purpose don't only have a more fulfilled, happy and motivated life, but also are able to adapt much better to the circumstances and, even though everything around them changes, they maintain a clear polar star that will always maintain them in the right direction.

    However, we live in a society where our dreams have been stolen from us, we have been advised to find a safe path and people tend to live a comfortable life instead of a happy life. This has not happened accidentally, there is a reason, society and our loved ones prefer seeing us safe, with a job and money, than let us risk and fight for our dreams. This is why society imposes a series of layers (education, culture, etc.) that makes us forget who we really are. It’s important to eliminate those layers and swim within us, finding our inner child and risk to achieve our dreams. Because the biggest risk, is not to risk.

    In my case, I’ve preached an example, with less than 25 years I was teaching in University, with a promising future and a job secured for life. I quit. It wasn't aligned with my purpose and, nowadays, I have a level of satisfaction (in many ways) very superior than what I could have had in that job.

    My purpose in life is evolve humanity, people and organizations, through technology, social change and love (which is the positive force that moves everything). And as part of my purpose, I decided to right the book “Massive Transformative Purpose”, with Ángel María Herrera, which consists of a guide to help people find inspire and a vital purpose following nine well defined steps. So far, the book is just published in Spanish but it will come in English very soon.

    I think this book will help people to evolve and adapt in a better way to the circumstances, following their interior compass which is purpose, I do think this book will allow lots of people to stop working, stop looking at the clock to know how long there is left of workday, and instead focusing on tasks and projects that make them feel fulfilled. From my experience, people that are purpose-oriented end up finding a way to dedicate themselves to it and obtain higher success and recognition than they had had before, and of course, the most important things, they feel fulfilled and their life makes sense.

    Actually, it’s not a coincidence that today, International Labor Day, we have decided to publish this book. I believe in a purpose-oriented society, where we all have the opportunity to contribute the best of us, I believe in a society where we forget about the concept of work and change it for purpose.

    The purpose isn't something that only affects people, but organizations. The new generations of companies, called Exponential Organizations (ExO), not only focus on earning money and generating an economic benefit. The new generation of organizations are purpose-oriented, meaning they have a future vision of the world that they want to make a reality. The Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) does not speak about the organization, it describes a better world and the reason why the organization exists.

    The organizations with an MTP generate a community around it that elevates it to another level, as it will attract a lot of people and institutions willing to help in the purpose to improve the world together. More so, these organizations will find people whose purpose are aligned and want to dedicate their time and talent to them. Lastly, it's important to take into account that having a purpose and changing the world is not incompatible with economic benefit, in fact, the biggest business opportunities of the world are associated with resolving the biggest challenges of humanity.

    To define the purpose of an organization, we also have to find the answer in people, as organizations aren't anything else than a set of people collaborating in a team. Organizations’ founders and leadership are precisely, who have to do an exercise of personal discovery to find a purpose and incorporate it to the organization.

    Ultimately, people that have a clear purpose don’t only have a level of motivation and superior recognition but will have a clear polar star that will guide their most important decisions to adapt to surrounding changes.

    I wish will all my heart, that we all find our purpose in life. Because a society in which we all have the opportunity to find our purpose and dedicate ourselves to it in some way, it would create a much better world.