Massive Transformative Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself why you have come into the world? How many times have you wondered why you are doing something or for what reason? Do you feel as if you are not dedicating your life to what you really should be doing? Would you like to have a life full of purpose? The answer to these questions is an easy one for those who know their main purpose in life.

Purpose can provide us with the focus we need in our lives, just as the North Star guides us along a path of unlimited possibilities, alternatives and varying directions which we face each day.

Purpose is an endless source of energy, which can give you extraordinary motivation, making you feel as if everything you do has meaning.

Massive Transformative Purpose is a book that motivates and inspires people to find their vital purpose. The book also offers a practical method so that anyone can find their purpose following 9 defined steps, using a tool called MTP Canvas to design and describe each person’s vital purpose.

Lastly, the book offers practical advice to initiate your purpose and finally give meaning to your life and leave a footprint in the world, becoming the leader of your story. Are you ready to dive into this inner journey that will change the world?

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