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  • Exponential Transformation of Organizations

    How to transform a traditional business into an exponential organization

    A guide about the ExO Sprint, a process that will allow a traditional business transform into an exponential organization

    The main challenge that companies face nowadays is knowing how to adapt to the accelerating technological change. The convergence of new technologies that move forward at an exponential rate is diluting the barriers between the physical, digital and biological fields. The result of this is a complete uprooting of industries around the world

    The bestseller Exponential Organizations from Salim Ismail, technology strategist, explained the emergence of new types of organizations, Exponential Organizations, which thrive in the middle of disruption and achieve exponential growth by themselves.

    Exponential Transformation is a step by step guide for any organization that wants to anticipate themselves in the disruption of their sector and make the most of the opportunities that arise thanks to exponential technologies

    The authors have worked with leaders of organizations around the world to help them apply the principles of Exponential Organizations. The result is a 10 week process called the ExO Sprint, which accelerates the transformation and blocks the natural immune system response that organizations must overcome to transform successfully

    Exponential transformation explains how any existent traditional business can transform into an exponential organizations

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