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  • Purpose

    Francisco’s Massive Transformative purpose is to evolve organizations and people by an integrated focus combining the implementation of technologies and innovative methodologies of personal development

    Francisco Palao

    Evolving organizations and people

    People + Technology + Art

    This is achieved solely by evolving organizations and transforming their teams. Francisco does this through a mixed approach unifying the rational and the emotional part of a human being

    Francisco makes this approach a reality through collaborations and inspiration of key figures from different backgrounds:


    MTP Ángel María

    Motivation Tony Robins

    Personal Development Robin Sharma


    Ilustration Francisco Poyatos

    Design Jose Serrano

    Músic David Montañés


    Artificial Intelligence Peter Norving

    Exponential Trends Ray Kurzwell

    Exponential Trends Jose Cordeiro


    ExO Salim Ismail

    Lean Corina Almangro

    Agile Gerónimo Palacios

    Personal Development

    Flow Steven Kolter

    Meditation Lama Guanchein

    Eneagrama Marc Bonavia


    Inspiration Jason Silva

    Aspiration Peter Diamandis

    Divulgation Nikola Danaylov