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  • We’re living in one of the most exciting times in the history of the human race, now referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    The outbreak an democratization of new technologies like AI, 3D printing, nanotechnology, CRISPR genetic editing, etc., has lead to this new environment and technological context. In this new context, business models are changing and dramatically impacting all industries.

    So, nowadays, the largest part of traditional organizations are at serious risk of disappearing, or at best, will see their business seriously impacted by external disruption.

    In this keynote, Francisco Palao describes in a powerful way why we are living this disruptive moment and which are the phases that industries go through as a result of the impact of exponential technologies

    In addition, Francisco explains the new phenomena Exponential Organizations and their basic characteristics, as well as new emerging business models like platforms and ecosystems

    With this keynote, attendees will understand the technological, market and behavioral forces, which are changing everything. In addition, they will become capable of identifying new tendencies whilst at the same time formulating new types of business models, enabling them to enter the Era of Exponential organizations.

    What will be achieved by participating in the ExO Workshop


    Understanding the need of corporate transformation


    Understanding and putting into practice the fundamental tools (ExO Canvas) and processes needed (ExO Sprint) to transform following the Exponential Organization Model


    Trying and studying the essential steps required to apply them to your organization the very next day

    Generation of new ExO initiatives

    each team will create initiatives to transform the study case company into an ExO

    "I always thought of Francisco to have a solid, brave and entrepreneurial spirit. You may find in Francisco one of the best-rounded professionals you will ever meet."

    Juan Luis del Álamo

    Repsol, Innovation Director

    "Francisco keeps his vision on the future, but listens to data and feedback from customers to improve products. I always look forward to hearing updates about what Francisco is building next"

    Tristan Kromer

    Innovation Ecosystems & Startups

    "Dr.Palao exceeded our audience's expectation. He was exciting, fun, mind expanding. He left us all waiting more"

    Farzam Afshar

    CEO, Verifacts (USA)