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  • Everyone has a purpose inside of them, but the majority don't know what it is.

    A person with purpose will not only make better decisions, more aligned with their reason of being, but will live their life and projects with a overflowing passion that will allow them to achieve every challenge they set themselves

    An organization with a purpose will focus its efforts in making the world a better place, not only having a positive impact when defining their strategy, but also capturing talent and solving some of the biggest humanitarian challenges, which are also some of the biggest business opportunities

    The goal of the MTP workshop is to help participants find their vital purpose following nine guided steps and using the MTP Canvas tool.

    What will you gain from the MTP Workshop


    about the importance and power of a personal and/or corporate purpose


    about different personal development techniques (values, ikigai, etc.).


    of your personal and/or corporative purpose

    "I always thought of Francisco to have a solid, brave and entrepreneurial spirit. You may find in Francisco one of the best-rounded professionals you will ever meet."

    Juan Luis del Álamo

    Repsol, Innovation Director

    "Francisco keeps his vision on the future, but listens to data and feedback from customers to improve products. I always look forward to hearing updates about what Francisco is building next"

    Tristan Kromer

    Innovation Ecosystems & Startups

    "Dr.Palao exceeded our audience's expectation. He was exciting, fun, mind expanding. He left us all waiting more"

    Farzam Afshar

    CEO, Verifacts (USA)