Francisco Palao’s purpose is to help humanity evolve through technology, mindset change, and love.

Francisco is a renowned and awarded entrepreneur, corporate advisor, and author focused on helping individuals and organizations generate a positive impact on their businesses and in the world. Francisco has inspired and advised companies around the world on their innovation and transformation strategies.

Francisco is the author of the following books: Positive Impact (2022), Massive Transformational Purpose (2020), and Exponential Transformation (2018).

Francisco is the creator of Purpose Launchpad, an agile framework aimed at developing startups and corporate initiatives as well as transforming organizations to create a real impact on their businesses and in the world.

Francisco is the founder of Purpose Alliance, a global platform focused on driving organizations and individuals by providing the habitat, mindset, mentorship, community, and the tools they need to move from ‘theatre of innovation’ to real impact.

Previously, Francisco served as CEO of ExO Works (2015–2017) and OpenExO (2018–2019) and was the principal designer of many ExO tools and methodologies.

Additionally, Francisco has founded several startups, including LeanMonitor, a cloud-based platform designed to assist entrepreneurs and organizations in implementing Lean Startup, which was acquired by in 2014. Francisco also founded Nativoov, a platform based on AI for personalized tourism, acquired by SBTUR in 2012, and IActive, a high-tech company focused on AI, named Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2012. The first internet startup that Francisco led was BuscarAmigos.Com, which he co-founded in 2001 and was acquired in 2004.

Francisco has been awarded various international accolades, such as the MIT TR35 recognition in 2012, annually given to the top 35 innovators under 35 globally.

Francisco holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Granada and an Executive MBA from IE Business School. He also graduated from Singularity University in exponential technologies and from Cambridge in innovation and entrepreneurship. Francisco has also worked directly with Steve Blank on Lean Startup methodologies at the University of Berkeley.

Francisco is an active lover of nature, enjoying outdoor sports like hiking.

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Founder | Purpose Alliance is a global ecosystem focused on transforming organizations and individuals to create a positive impact on their businesses and in the world.

Creator | Purpose Launchpad is a renowned open framework focused on equipping individuals with the necessary mindset to successfully develop their projects and effectively transform organizations, creating a positive impact on their businesses and in the world.

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