Exponential Transformation and Positive Impact in Corporations and Startups

Doctor in Artificial Intelligence, entrepreneur, and advisor to major corporations committed to moving from the ‘innovation theater’ to real impact.

Francisco has over 25 years of experience developing his own startups and helping corporations transform by combining exponential technologies, new business models, and the right mindset.

About Francisco Palao

A life dedicated to creating real impact

“My purpose is to help humanity evolve through technology, mindset change, and love.”

Francisco Palao is a renowned entrepreneur, corporate advisor, and author who inspires and helps organizations around the world in their transformation process to create a positive impact in their businesses and the world.

From his extensive experience and being one of the first entrepreneurs in Artificial Intelligence since 2005, Francisco developed the Purpose Launchpad framework and the global Purpose Alliance platform, assisting thousands of organizations and people in implementing exponential technologies and the state of the art in innovation to successfully develop their startups or corporate initiatives and to transform organizations with success.

Francisco is the author of several books: “Exponential Transformation”, “Massive Transformative Purpose” and “Positive Impact”.

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Corporate transformation and impact

Books written by Francisco Palao

Positive Impact

The mindset and the Purpose Launchpad framework to improve your startup, your organization, and the world.

Massive Transformative Purpose

The guide to give meaning to your projects and your life.

Exponential Transformation

The manual that will allow you to evolve your organization and change the world for the better.

Discover revolutionary concepts and approaches

Inspiring conferences to evolve your mindset and transform organizations

From innovation theater to real impact

“Musical” Keynote


Exponential growth through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is profoundly transforming the way businesses operate and can significantly contribute to the growth of their businesses.

In this conference, Francisco talks about his experience of over 25 years as an entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence, as well as helping corporations implement this type of technology; complemented with the latest trends. All of this in a practical and actionable way.


The power of purpose

This conference is focused on inspiring and guiding organizations and individuals to define their purpose, which will be a key element for massive success.

Francisco combines this talk with live piano music and dynamic exercises that will ensure attendees have an unforgettable experience.


From innovation theater to real impact

Most corporate attempts to innovate fail, falling victim to what is termed “Innovation Theater.”

In this conference, Francisco will explain the real reasons why corporations fail to innovate effectively and transform themselves, and he will also provide key strategies to achieve it.

This is an inspiring, revealing, and practical conference where attendees will grasp the main concepts and leave with practical advice to eliminate the innovation theater from their organizations and achieve a real, positive impact on their businesses.

Impact Ecosystems

This workshop focuses on inspiring and guiding participants on how to evolve their organizations into an impact ecosystem, generating a massive positive impact on their businesses while creating a better world.

Exponential Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

This workshop focuses on guiding participants and the organization on how to transform their business to scale exponentially by leveraging exponential technologies, like Artificial Intelligence and others.

Founder  |  Purpose Alliance is a global ecosystem focused on transforming organizations and individuals to create a positive impact on their businesses and in the world.

Creator  |  Purpose Launchpad is a renowned open framework focused on equipping individuals with the necessary mindset to successfully develop their projects and effectively transform organizations, creating a positive impact on their businesses and in the world.

Crecimiento personal y transformación de organizaciones

Testimonials about Francisco Palao

“I have always thought that Francisco possesses a strong, brave, and entrepreneurial spirit. You might find in Francisco one of the most complete professionals you could ever meet.”

Juan Luis R. Sanchez del Alamo  –   Director of Innovation at Repsol

“Francisco maintains his vision for the future but listens to data and customer feedback to improve products. I am always looking forward to hearing updates on what Francisco is building next.”

Tristan Kromer   –   Innovation and Startups Ecosystems

“Dr. Palao exceeded the expectations of our audience. It was thrilling, fun, and mind-expanding. He left us all wanting more.”

Farzam Afshar  –  CEO Verifacts

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